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28 June 2018

All four Polish pairs were unsuccessful in qualification

Four Polish pairs competed today at the qualification for the main draw of the World Tour Warsaw, unfortunately neither of them managed to qualify. Six other teams were directly qualified for the main competition.

The only Polish male duo taking part at qualification - Marcin Ociepski and Jaroslaw Lech were defeated by the Americans Trevor Crabb and John Mayer 0: 2 (15:21, 18:21).

- We would like to thank for the opportunity to play at the World Tour in Warsaw. Certainly, we are unhappy with the result, because we felt that the game was very close, but we lost mostly due to our setting - said Jaroslaw Lech. - We are happy that we could perform in Warsaw. Everything is well-prepared and I only can say that I am sorry, because of the result. We had our chance to present our skills, but we didn't use it and it's a painful defeat - added Ociepski.

Marta Duda and Marta Lodej also ended their participation at the World Tour Warsaw in the first round of qualification after losing with Brazilian duo Alves/Maestrini 0:2 (9:21, 18:21).

- For us it's the first big tournament and we felt a bit paralyzed. In the second set we tried to make contact in the game. We expected smart and experienced volleyball from our opponents, we tried to defeat them, but it was not enough. We don't give up and we will fight in next tournaments. I like the World Tour Warsaw very much and I feel even more sorry that we need to leave the competition so early, but of course we will follow the competition and support our friends - said Marta Duda. - In the first set we were a bit like numb, we couldn't overcome it and play our volleyball. We were missing some experience. In the second set we tried to equal our opponents, but unfortunately, we need to say goodbye to this tournament - commented Lodej.

Unfortunately, also the third Polish team - Martyna Kłoda and Agata Ceynowa - were out of luck as they lost to the Canadians Taylor Pischke and Jamie Lynn Broder. - We feel unsatisfied, because we were close. However, tournament by tournament we are getting better and we are sure that everything goes in the right direction. It's nice to play at home and to hear Polish voices on the tribunes, because it gives us more strength and will to play - admitted Kłoda. - The opponents surprised us with a good serve and this is how our problems on the court were starting. They were getting few points in a row, we had to chase the result and then they again won few points thanks to serve. We see that we are improving and it will be even better soon. We would like to thank fans for a great support - explained Agata Ceynowa.

Following the other pairs, also Aleksandra Wachowicz and Kinga Legieta didn't manage to win a single set in the match against Finnish duo Anniina Parkkinen/Taru Lahti-Liukkonen. - We were missing experience in the key moments, but we need to go ahead, we need to train more together. We have well-prepared strategy before the match, but we didn't manage to realize it. Monta Beach Volley Club is great prepared for this world class event and I hope that it will host this kind of events also in the future - praised organizers Wachowicz. - We didn't play how we can probably because of the stress and pressure, we just didn't play how we would have wanted, but this tournament is great organized, very professionally, everything is on the highest level and in the next days we will support our teammates - added Kinga Legieta.

Aleksandra Wachowicz/Kinga Legieta (Poland) – Anniina Parkkinen/Taru Lahti-Liukkonen (Finland) 0:2 (14:21, 15:21)

Taylor Pischke/Jamie Lynn Broder (Canada) – Martyna Kłoda/Agata Ceynowa (Poland) 2:0 (21:17, 21:15)

Josemari Alves/Liliane Maestrini (Brazil) – Marta Duda/Marta Łodej (Poland) 2:0 (21:9, 21:18)

Trevor Crabb, John Mayer (USA) – Marcin Ociepski, Jarosław Lech (Poland) 2:0 (21:15, 21:18)


Qualification’s results:

Men – http://worldtour.2018.fivb.com/en/mpol2018/men/results/qualifications

Women – http://worldtour.2018.fivb.com/en/wpol2018/women/results/qualifications

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