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fivbmenscwcpoland.com, fot. Piotr Sumara, 16 December 2017

Sada Cruzeiro - Zenit Kazań 0:3 - post-match press conference
Zenit Kazan destroyed Sada Cruzeiro in straight sets to knock out the defending champions out of contention at the 2017 FIVB Men’s Club World Championship and make their third straight final in the history of the competition – but Zenit coach Vladimir Alekno declined to attend the official post-match Press Conference.

Matt Anderson, Zenit Kazan player (subsituting for captain Alexander Butko): “It was a good match. We played very high balls today like most of the Russian teams do and like we did in the European Champions League. Sada had very strong serve in the first set and we had a tough situation. With big guns like Leon and high level appearance of middle blockers we got what we wanted. I think Butko played very well, spread the balls wide and we had an easier situation.”

Marcelo Mendez, Sada Cruzeiro Coach: "Kazan played well in serve, their set looked very good and other skills functioned very well. We wish them good luck in tomorrow’s match. We need to analyse how we played today and prepare before Sunday.”

Filipe Ferraz, Sada Cruzeiro Captain: “Today we didn’t play well, so first of all we want to congratulate Zenit. They played well in serving, and our reception and the rest of game components did not function great.”

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